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Masemola Mmalake

I totally disagree with those who says it will lessen the digital divide!
Simply because the digital divide is more than just an access issue and cannot be alleviated merely by today’s rapid evolution of ICT. I personally believe that we have some economic challenges, we must tackle the issue of poverty, low education levels and poor infrastructure. So I’m saying it will contribute to the growth of the ICT because the more rapid evolution of ICT is the more increase in affordability.

And again guys, despite technology being a basic need, the cost is too expensive,taxes, electricity and patent fees are contributors to the high price of technology. Nevermind the participation inequality- the rich can afford more access to new technology than the poor and same with education and electricity to mention few. let’s not forget our rural areas where users are not empowered- users lack the skills to use it, what do you say about me and you- the students of TETA, we are using the tablets but because of lack of empowering users those tablets are not useful to us, instead we are always complaining about the tablets. So think about it team!